Lake Toba Stories

Lake Toba Stories

Lake Toba Stories / The legend Of Lake Toba Indonesia

According to information that we all know, that Lake Toba is a volcanic lake where there is a large island right in the middle of the lake that is Samosir Island.

Lake Toba, located in the province of North Sumatra,
has been named the largest lake in Southeast Asia. Until now
its enchanting natural attraction makes this location an attractive tourist attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

In general, the majority of people living around the Lake Toba area with Batak tribes with a variety of professions are mostly farmers, traders and fishermen. For those of you who want to know more about how Lake Toba was created.

The following folklore that summarizes from various versions of the legend circulating in the wider community about the origin of Lake Toba.

The Origin of Lake Toba By Goyang Prediksi

In a village in the North Sumatra region of Tapanuli there lived a man named Toba who lived alone in a small hut. Toba is a farmer who works hard every day to grow his own garden vegetables.

Day after day, year after year the age is increasing, the farmers began to feel bored living alone. Sometimes to relieve fatigue he too often goes fishing to a big river near his garden.

By noon after finishing harvesting some vegetables in his garden, he plans to go to the river to fish. He had prepared the equipment for fishing, in the middle of the trip he had muttered to himself saying, “if I had a wife and children I would not be alone anymore doing this work every day. When returning from the garden, food is available and welcomed by the wife and children, oh how happy ”

He arrived where he used to fish, the hook was thrown while waiting, his agent was still disturbing his concentration. Not for some time the hook suddenly jerked, suddenly he pulled the hook. He too was surprised to see his fish this time.

“Wow, this really big goldfish. Only this time I get fish like this “he shouted as he finished fishing activities and he immediately returned home.

Upon arrival in his small hut, the young man put his catch in a big bucket. How happy he is, fish that he can be a side dish for a few days. He too rushed to light a fire in the kitchen, then returned to take the goldfish he left in a large bucket. How shocked he saw the incident. The bucket where the fish was filled with gold coins was very much, he too was surprised and went to the kitchen. There he was shocked half dead, there was the figure of a beautiful woman with long hair. “Who are you?”

“I was the fish you fished in the river earlier, the gold coins that were given earlier were scales that had slipped from my body. Actually I was a woman who was cursed and bewitched by a shaman because I did not want an arranged marriage. Because you have saved me and returned me to be a human, I am willing to be your wife, “said the fish, who has now been transformed back into a woman with a beautiful face and long hair.

“It’s a coincidence, all this time I expect a life companion to live together to live a life of life,” said the farmer. So he agreed to marry the beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman also mentioned to the farmer a condition and an oath that if someday when you are angry, you must not express that my origins from a fish to anyone. Because if you say that, there will be great disaster and disaster in this village. The farmers agreed, and finally they got married.

Day after day they also live happily, what is expected by farmers has been realized and he too feels very happy. Until they were blessed with a son and they gave his name Samosir.

Samosir grew up, and he was able to help his parents farm. Every day Samosir at lunch always deliver lunch for his father who has been assured by his mother.

One day, that afternoon the farmers were feeling tired and hungry while waiting for Samosir to come deliver lunch. Unusually, this time Samosir was late in delivering his parents’ provisions. On the way Samosir kissed the lunch he brought for his parents, it looked delicious today, mom’s cooking, he muttered. Samosirpun tasted his mother’s cooking, he did not realize that lunch was eaten almost gone.

Samosir jumped and rushed to his father’s garden. He saw his father starving and dying. Feeling heavy, Samosir gave his father his lunch. And his father was surprised to see the contents provided by Samosir.

“Yes, Among. Samosir was hungry and I ate, Inong’s cooking was really great, “Samosir said to his father who looked emotional. Spontaneously his father was angry and threw the empty stock earlier while saying to Samosir: “Damn you, Samosir, you little fish you are.”

Samosir was cried and running to the house to meet his mother. Mother, mother, father was furious Samosir called the baby fish. Samosir said to his mother. Her mother cried, at that time her mother told Samosir to run to a high hill. Then the rain got heavier, the wind was strong, thunderous and lightning struck instantly.

The water overflowed until it sank the whole village. The oath was broken, finally the entire village was quieted down and the puddle bore fruit into a lake, now called Lake Toba. Then the island where Samosir is taking shelter is called Samosir Island.

Moral Message of North Sumatra Folklore Legend of the origin of Lake Toba is: Do not break an oath that has been made because of the bad consequences in the future.

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