One Disturbing Album

The 2008 Timecry EP was pretty enjoyable for what it is, which is upbeat power metal ala Blood Stain Child with electronics in the line of thinking of Crossfaith or Muted Descent, all glazed in ephemeral harshness courtesy of a few chunky tempos and the stock tough vocalist. “Better Die Standing” is a pretty different tune, with endearingly gaudy keyboards that reminded me personally of Skyfire’s Timeless Starting. So almost more like Bal-Sagoth sometimes. I always preach about measured electric use, because if you push it one step too far your music ( commences to sound like meaningless church camp music to wave your hands along to. Timecry evidently didn’t get that tonto along with a bunch of others, because the line of thinking required to even consider Dreams. Wishes. Reality. successful, or even a competent last product, is apropos to isolation in an asylum. The clear and (mercifully shortest) summary to all of this is that Timecry tried to sell out, and simply failed hard. Why they failed will require some looking. To the bottom of the barrel we go!

If you like important upbeat synths that seem like they belong in Kirby 64, you will be at home here. The keyboards are obviously developed, totally dominate and smother the sound, and make the most maudlin Europower acts suddenly swell with newly-perceived muscle. Trance leads blather all over the dunce-level percussive backbone already weathered by excessive coverage to overdubbed gabber masturbation. As excessive an information as that may be, the rhythm backbone of Timecry sounds ironically toothless. The formerly-capable modern melodeath template has been thrown in favor of dialed-down distortion radiated by the most mindless of supporting riff filler. Occasionally the guitars try to turn out a bouncy grooved or middling power metallic lead interval, but the tone is so squashed and buried behind the keys that it is neutered from the get go. Otherwise the keys control the instrumental abyss signified by Timecry’s inability to replicate the trade-off paradigm between the guitars and electronics present on the sooner EP.

This brings us to vocalist Roy Ekelund, who makes this difficult to appraise with a straight face. Envision the weakest melodeath singer ever (Aleksi Sihvonen) with that meek and diffident-sounding sneer of a rough fart considered vocals. Ekelund is merely as bad, providing “love note to inner school crush” diatribes that clash woefully with the implied aggression of the cruel vocals. He endeavors clever wordplay by rapping out his verses and trading off with the cleans. Cleans that in some manner make Silent Descent audio capable and imposing. Now i’m not really kidding, Dreams. Wishes. Reality. is like the absolute worst areas of Silent Descent separated themselves and gained sentience. Pay attention as Ekelund works in the crocodile tears as this individual muses “I can’t envision everything else / Than to be with her as well as I am living the dream” on “Living the Dream. ” The oral melodies are catchy, as are sections of the keyboards, but the last product is so awkward I feel like Now i am stuck in bible review class listening to a third-rate Christian rock strap.

The title track should be the worst song here, featuring jarring shifts between harsh and clean words alongside the cheesiest agreement of the bunch. The preschool synth fanfares choke the life out of the riffs even though the words caterwaul on with “When wishes becomes reality as well as I will surrender. inch “Present Day” earns the band the preclusion of the total bomb, but that is merely because it features no clean vocals and quite a memorable main song. When I’m listening to this, and imagining what huge dorks these folks must be, I are reminded of the MIDDLE SIZED soundtrack to Runescape again in 2001. So on that thought (and equal footing with the mental ability of anyone that looks forward to this crap) I replicate the first line I actually ever typed in that game at 13 years of age: “tradeing wheat or grain 4 helm press 5iphon. “